car ford aerostar 97


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Let me introduce to you “Nono” a fabulous car passed everywhere that can be family or fitted for a road trip. We bought it in Quebec in March crossed Canada and here we are today in Orlando last stop of our trip so we sell it.

Ford stopped production because the car lasted too long.

Ford Aerostar 1997 V6 3.0 L 230000 km (  142975 milles)

Speedometer e km/h and in milles !
consumptions +- 10L/ 100 km

2 new rear tires 4 seasons and 2 front tires winter ( used) inner tube on the roof

We sell it with or without kitchen accessories ( pans + camping stove one plate)

pneumatic mattress with pump integrated in the mattress + sheets for the bed

hand made curtain on both sides and fronte easily removable

All-new brake system

starter anti-theft

passenger side sliding door

super spacious box

place under the benches

seat 3 people + seat for 2 people the seats are easily lowered to place a mattress and have place under !

broken middle window and repair with wood and silicone + mold varnish

broken trunk piston

hand brake never worked but we survived without problem in San -Fransisco

capricious rear wiper back

we still have all the bild  do not hesitate to write us for more informations

We are returning to Belgium and are ready to negotiate and move us for a visit and try the car

Please do not send us this jewel to breaker’s


contact by Facebook dada colantonio or email corrada.colantonio@gmail.com



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