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About us

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

360 Buy and Sale is an online store for men, women and kids. We’re happy you found us – let us tell you about ourselves.

Everyone deserves to express themselves.Every day is an opportunity to embrace your individuality and reflect your personality through your fashion style.You are a risk taker.A statement maker.Love music? Wear it.Want to show your curves? Flaunt it.Heck… love unicorns? Express it.Life is too short to be boring.Wear. It. Loud.What drives us?We believe passionately in self-expression through fashion, vibrant colours, great designs and the spirit of fun.We are 100% positive the world would be a better place if everyone felt free to express their individuality.

Our Origin Story

Three years ago, we left our home country and arrived in a new land. It was a time of new beginnings, and with a new child and a new lease on life, we decided to go for it.

Gaining the courage to start clothing store from scratch in a new country wasn’t easy.  

But after having tossed our idea around for months, we knew in our bones that 360 Buy & Sales needed to exist.

There were other clothing stores, sure. But nothing out there spoke directly to us — we envisioned an online fashion store that allowed people to express themselves.

So in the summer of 2018, we invested our savings, and our days and nights, to form  360 Buy & Sales .

We chose the name  360 Buy & Sales because we print to order. We print our own vibrant designs, or your designs that you upload to our site  on demand.

So we hustled. We worked out of our home, we built our website, and we learnt everything from scratch.

In July 2018, we flipped the switch, and 360buysale.com went live.

We hope you love it.

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