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The #1 Skill That Makes You Great in Bed

The #1 Skill That Makes You Great in Bed
By John Alexander
Of all the skills you can have in bed, cunnilingus is the most important. Being good at going down is the ultimate attribute of a great lover. When a woman has found a man who is good at cunnilingus, she’s found something more addictive than the most powerful drugs, and as long as he isn’t an ax murderer or something, she won’t even think about letting go of him.
Just imagine… you’ll have the power to bring your woman to orgasm with your mouth and tongue, and she will want you as never before, and forever. She won’t even think about going out with other guys, because she’ll know that no one can please her the way you can. You see, most men do an adequate job thrusting their penises in and out of a woman’s vagina, but they’re unskilled when it comes to cunnilingus. So getting good at this is a “low hanging fruit” toward becoming the best lover your woman’s ever had.
Don’t expect good feedback from your woman, either. Most women will tell you everything’s great, in order to not damage your notoriously fragile male ego. The only way you can really gauge how well you’re doing with oral sex–and sex in general–is whether or not she orgasms. But the ironic thing is that you can’t think about whether your woman orgasms, because if you have that as your goal, you will put too much pressure on the situation and it will fail.
If there are two magic words you should keep engrained in your mind, they are Go Slow. In virtually every aspect of sexual intercourse, it’s best to go at a leisurely pace to let your woman’s sexual excitement build. So you’ll want to gradually work your way up to licking her vulva, and then when you’re eating it, work your way gradually towards her clitoris, and then gradually working up the intensity of your clitoral licking.
The secret to good oral sex on a woman is to let her know, in no uncertain terms, that you enjoy going down on her. The reason is that despite the efforts of campaigns such as The Vagina Monologues, a lot of women still view their vaginas as something “down there” that’s “dirty” and unappealing.
Additionally, a lot of men too do not enjoy eating the act… which certainly doesn’t help the self concept of a lot of women. Therefore, simply enjoying cunnilingus separates you above a lot of men. This is because if the woman knows that you enjoy eating her out, she’ll be able to completely relax and let go, getting the fullest enjoyment herself out of the cunnilingus.
What’s that, you say? You don’t like performing oral sex on a woman? In that case, I’ll now reveal to you the secret to enjoying cunnilingus. Because in order to become your woman’s best lover ever, you must force yourself to change your opinion. And this is entirely possible for anyone to do, no matter how much you currently dislike your woman’s flavor. You see, studies have shown that repeated exposure to a taste makes us accustomed to it, which then improves our opinion of that taste. Few coffee drinkers, beer drinkers, and smokers liked the taste of those products the first time they consumed them. Yet with time, they grew to enjoy the tastes. Neurologists call this phenomenon the “mere exposure effect.”
The more we expose ourselves to a particular stimulus (no matter what it is), the more we like it. Brain scans would show that the more we tasted a woman’s clitoris and the juices that flow out of her vagina, the more chemicals such as dopamine would flood our brains — indicating that our brains are developing more positive emotions tied to the taste, smell, feel, and sight of a woman’s genitals.
The bottom line: Secret #1: The More You Practice Cunnilingus, The More You Will Like It. So even if you don’t like it at first, just keep plowing through, because eventually you will.
But suppose you don’t have a wife or girlfriend, and so there aren’t any pussies around that you can eat. Instead what you can do is expose yourself to similar flavors (which I will explain in a second). That way when you do go down on a woman, you’ll savor every moment of it.
A healthy (non-yeast infected) vagina contains a bacteria called Lactobacillus acidophilus. This is the same bacteria found in plain yogurt and in a dairy drink called kefir (which you can find at your local health food store). In fact, although no two women taste the same (and the same woman can vary in taste depending on her diet and where she is in her monthly hormone cycle), as a general rule I’ve found that the taste of a woman’s vagina most closely approximates that of plain yogurt. So learn to like that food!
While semen has a high pH level, the vagina is acidic (with a pH between 3.8 and 4.5). The following are foods and beverages with the same pH range as the average vagina. To acclimate yourself better to the acidic taste of a woman, consume more of the following:
Cream Cheese (good when spread on celery and broccoli, two sperm-friendly foods)
Orange Juice
Prune Juice
Sweet tangerines
Tomato Paste
Tomato Juice
V8 Vegetable Juice
If you’ve never tasted a woman before, a vagina can be either a little bit sweet or a little salty, sometimes with a musky smell and taste if she’s not yet gushing wet. And when it’s around the time of her period, there’s a bit of an iron smell and stronger musk taste.
For a lighter and sweeter-tasting vagina, encourage your woman to eat healthier (more fruits and vegetables, especially… I’ve found through experience… cantaloupe) and avoid junk food, strong flavors (especially garlic and onions), excessive red meat, and cigarettes.
Not only does it taste good, but enjoy the beauty of a woman’s as well. The bush in front. In the places where she shaves, she has that tiny peach fuzz which glistens when she’s wet. Her vaginal lips become bright red when she’s hungry to have your penis thrusting inside her.
And for your woman, her vagina brings her such unbounded joy. There’s nothing more spectacular than the sight of her face as she shudders under an uncontrollable orgasm, as you feel her throbbing contractions on your manhood.
There is nothing in this world prettier than the center of a woman’s femininity… and even more, it brings you so much pleasure! The vagina is what makes your woman so deliciously feminine. For me, it is the center of the universe. Meditate on the vagina. Fall in love with it. It is the source of the greatest pleasure and happiness you can ever find.
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